Remote Hiring for Blockchain Developers: Pros, Cons, and Best Practices

First of all, you need to start by asking the right questions. Yes, our Blockchain Developers can work with your existing system and add the necessary features or completely build a new one depending upon your requirements. We sign a non-disclosure agreement along with various documents, and the resource is added to your team to start development. We analyze your needs and share the overall estimation of time, resources, tech stacks, etc.

  • Taking into account the explosive growth of blockchain hiring, businesses need to act fast to secure the best talent.
  • Once your transaction is recorded into the blockchain, it’s there forever.
  • All Turing remote Blockchain developers work for at least 4 hours in your time zone for your convenience.
  • Among its advantages, you’ll read how it ensures supply chain traceability, provides information security, protects intellectual property, improves stock, and many other things.
  • There are some potential downsides to working with Blockchain development companies.
  • With our streamlined process, we’ll assist you in finding the ideal developer within just 48 hours.

By hiring developers in-house, your business gains more control over the development process, however, it requires significant investments. Traditional pen and paper transactions usually slow down business operations. With Blockchain, it’s possible to automate certain processes, eradicating human-based errors. Transactions are automated with “smart contracts,” which increase the efficiency and speed of every process. Get a complete range of Blockchain development solutions for your business by our expert Blockchain developers. Right from simple Blockchain app development, to enterprise-level decentralized Blockchain app development, you can get everything developed by our experienced Blockchain developers.

Directly on your payroll, no markups, no middle-men

Just like other software engineers, blockchain developers for hire can be found on various freelance platforms — and Toptal are the two most popular platforms. They each offer a large talent pool where you can find and hire the best blockchain developer for your project. If you want to implement such a team in your organization, then hiring remote blockchain developers is your answer. With remote teams, it is way easy to execute and implement on rotating hours given the different time zones.

hire remote blockchain developers

If you are looking for a prospering career in Blockchain development, visit and work from the comfort of your home. It is open-source software, which means it’s available to anyone to use or change. However, there are certain blockchain software that are private. We evaluate and give you the best 5 candidates that we believe fit your requirements and needs. You interview them and decide whether if they fit in your company’s culture or not. However, this is not it; we also help you with the paperwork, policies, and overall all the HR aspects that can be overwhelming.

Web Developer

You will be expected to be a consistent and respected presence on multiple channels of developer interaction, such as Discord, Telegram, Github, and Twitter. Since our launch, talented developers on Proxify have worked with 620+ happy clients to build their products and growth features. 1400+ talented developers trust Proxify and the community we are building to fulfill their dreams and objectives.

hire remote blockchain developers

For many Blockchain business models, it’s essential to integrate Smart Contracts into their systems. If it’s exactly what you need, ensure your candidate has an understanding of principles and skills related to Smart Contract creation. Your new hire needs to be familiar with Blockchain architecture.

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Getting the best from your remote blockchain developers boils down to having the right managerial mindset. One of the big reasons some leaders hesitate about remote hiring is trust. They’re concerned that remote blockchain developers might misuse their freedom and not meet their responsibilities. When you’re on a mission to scale up your engineering team, why box yourself into the limits of local talent? Yes, remote hiring for blockchain developers shatters those boundaries and gives you the handful of benefits to tap into a global pool of talents. Defining remote blockchain developers is quite interesting.

hire remote blockchain developers

You will join a small app development team, helping drive the greenfield build of the first mobile wallet that will define the future of decentralized finance (DeFi). Scrypto is Radix’s breakthrough programming language for decentralized finance (or DeFi) and Web 3.0. Radix’s community of developers are passionate about Scrypto and the enormous opportunity that DeFi offers them. Build the competitive edge in the Web3 world with a stellar tech team with expertise, experience and drive. We only recommend the creme-de-la-creme from the candidate pool. The project is with a financial services and crypto-trading firm.


Need a Blockchain engineer to help in deploying complex smart contract systems in the Ethereum mainnet. No matter long-term or short-term blockchain technology jobs, you get the developer for exactly the time you need them to finish the project. With adequate support, training, and mentoring, newcomers can also become blockchain developers and grow in the software development industry. Ava Patel is a dynamic and user-focused blockchain developer with a strong background in software development. Her expertise lies in developing intuitive and user-friendly blockchain solutions, particularly in supply chain management and digital identity verification.

They need to be able to understand and explain what a ledger means in blockchain and define the four different types of Blockchain architecture (Consortium, private, public, and hybrid). We also focus on running English tests to ensure that all developers can communicate with you effectively. Plus, we guarantee that hire remote blockchain developers every candidate will be timezone-friendly with your business hours. Hiring a certified Blockchain developer will probably cost you much more than any other type of developer, as there are not as many qualified professionals in this area. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to hire an affordable one.

How to become a Turing developer?

He also possesses leadership qualities and in-depth knowledge of Data Science. Mixin Network has confirmed a report from SlowMist, a blockchain security consultancy, that it was hacked for nearly $200 million on Sept. 23. Discover the advantages of hassle-free global recruitment.

hire remote blockchain developers

You will be implementing periphery/factory contracts and dealing with unit testing, and stubs. To develop web applications for various purposes, it is essential to have a solid understanding of different programming languages. Languages your blockchain developer should know Java, C++, C#, Python, Golang, and JavaScript. Data structures in blockchain development serve as a foundation for building and implementing networks. All of the blocks in the blockchain are created using data structures.

Blockchain Developer Global Salary

Luckily for you, we share our top questions usually asked in an interview when screening a blockchain developer for a new hire. (you’ll be also getting the right answers for those questions) alongside with a short guide on how to hire your new expert. Popular community platforms, like Reddit or StackExchange, feature a number of niche groups dedicated to blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Using these platforms, you can advertise your job opening directly to potential candidates. Although most might not be actively looking for a job, it is still an effective way to get visibility and connect with top blockchain software developers. Despite being relatively easy to find and hire, freelance developers pose additional challenges for business owners.

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